Our Services

Quality Care Since 1977

Our services include...

Physical Therapy for a variety of conditions

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Pain Manegment
Sport injury Rehabilitation
Joint replacement/ Arthritis rehabilitation
Balance and fall prevention
Back and neck rehabilitation
Rehabilitations following Neurological Pathologies
Post -surgical conditions
Weakness/deconditioned state
TMJ Dysfunction
Work related conditions
Injury from motor vehicle accidents

Our clinics utilize multiple approaches to help manage your symptoms

Electric Stimulation

Electric current therapy that helps increase cirulation, decrease pain and muscle spasms, and can be used for muscle re-education.


The use of electrical stimulation to drive medication to painful or inflamed areas.


This electrical stimulation modality is a sophisticated TENS unit.  Electrical impulses are delivered point specifically to the effected site for pain relief.


A form of deep heat produced by sound waves to help increase circulation and reduce inflammation.


The use of ultrasound and topical medication to treat arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis.  This approach delivers the medication directly to the site of discomfort.

Cervical and lumbar traction

Gentle mechanical traction to help relieve neck and back symptoms.
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