Telehealth Information

For any questions or to make an appointment, please call either one of our facilities
Highland Park Office
Phone:  732-828-0700
North Brunswick Office
Phone:  732-821-7878

Telehealth physical therapy is a service that is delivered via electronic communication devices to provide information remotely.

Park Physical Therapy is currently set up to provide this service for patients currently on program who prefer not to recieve their therapy in clinic at this time. You will need a device with a camera to participate.

Contact our office to schedule a telehealth physical therapy session and a program will be assigned to you.  Before your first session there will be an email sent to you with a link.  Click on the link that is under "access your program".  If you are using a computer, the link will bring you to and if you are using a smartphone it will ask you to download the Physiapp application.  After downloading, open the app at your scheduled appointment time and wait for a call from your physical therapist.

Not a pro at using the computer? No problem!
Call us and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the process.